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Oak Road Farms

Unionville, North Carolina

We require a down payment based on 50 lbs. of hanging weight per 1/4 order. We offer 1/4, 1/2 or whole cow purchasing. Upon beef pick up, the remainder balance and processing fee is due. Processing fee will vary based on hanging weight. 

We offer various payment options for our clients, including 

Paypal, Credit/Debit, Check/Cash

Weighing In ~ Quarters, Halves and Whole Beef

When purchasing beef, our clients pay by the "hanging weight" pound. Hanging weight means how much the cow weighs once it has been slaughtered and hanging in the freezer. This includes bones and fat. The hanging weight is usually about 60% of the live weight. On average, Oak Road Farms produces cows weighing around 600 lbs. of hanging weight.


Oak Road Far​ms, LLC 
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