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Buying local, farm to table beef.

Farm To Table Packages

Oak Road Farms begins a Finishing Feed Program, marbling the meat for 8 weeks before processing. Marbling is the dispersion of fat within the lean. The degree of marbling is the primary determination of quality, prime grade beef. The remainder time is dry-aging, processing, and packaging. Our beef is processed at a local USDA approved processor.   

Each bulk beef package includes: 25% Premium Steak Cuts, 35% Roast and Miscellaneous Cuts and 40% Ground Beef.

Stew Meat, Kabob Meat and Cube Steak can be offered upon request or made into Ground Beef.

Some customization requires extra fees - Cube Steak

Quarter Beef

Avg. 125-150lbs.

The Quarter Beef is great value that gives you all the beef standards like steak, roast and ground beef. It will take up 25% of a small upright freezer (14 cu. ft.). Steak thickness is 1 inch on cuts, and come 2 per package. Ground Beef is packaged 1.5lb. and individually wrapped. Roast average 2-3 lbs. each. 

Half Beef

Avg. 250-300lbs.

Half Beef is the best value, and allows custom cutting on order.  Customization on steak thickness, beef cuts (steak and roast), and then request remainder to be ground beef.  It will take up to 50% of a large upright freezer. (20 cu. ft.).

Whole Beef

Avg. 475-600lbs.

The Whole Beef is your very best value. Like the half beef, you get custom cutting with this package. It will take up almost all of a large upright freezer (20 cu. ft.). 


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